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Let's Create Some Beachy Decor!

Hello Crafty friends!

I am so excited to share my first guest design project for Clear Scraps ! Today I am using their Vintage Wood Phone Holder and 6" Flamingo Stencil. This phone stand is 4" wide by approximately 8" tall and is the perfect size for your desk and the best part is, if you do not glue the wood pieces together you can break it down and take it with you to your crops.

Since I live in Florida, I wanted to give my phone holder a beachy vibe to match my craftroom decor . I decided to use Simple Stories Vintage Coastal collection 6" x 8" paper pad along with their Simple Vintage coastal Bits and Pieces. To start my project I grab my 6x8 paper pad and lay the wood pieces onto the paper and I use my mechanical pencil to trace around the edges of the phone holder base and then again with the stand piece.

I want to have my wood phone holder to have a light and airy feel, so I paint the sides and the edges with Matte White basic craft paint. I used Apple Barrel but any craft paint will work.

After I have painted around the edges and on the front and back of the main phone holder piece I grab the smaller wood piece and paint it. Again paint it on the sides as well as the front and back and put both pieces aside to dry. While the wood pieces are drying I can use my Flamingo stencil. I apply removable washi tape at the top of my stencil to keep it in place. With my paint brush I use my matte white paint and dab it lightly along the inside of the flamingo stencil

Then I set it aside to dry. In the meantime this gives me a chance to start cutting out my layers to glue onto my wood base. Once I've cut out all four shapes, I use my Prima Marketing paper edge distressing tool to rough up the edges.

After the paint is dry from using my stencil now I can add more details. I use my stamping inks to give my flamingo a ombre look. I start off by using the lightest color all over the body of the flamingo but leaving the bottom of the belly white, then I rub on a darker pink with my ink blender starting around the top towards the middle lightly and add more ink layers as I move to the top of the flamingo.

Once I'm happy with the coloring of the flamingo I can add highlights with a small fine tipped paint brush (I used a nail art paint brushes) to add details on my flamingo in white and black.

Then I glue my designer papers on to the wooden pieces. I used Art glitter glue but any thin glue will work nicely. Once, I am happy with the final touches now I put together my phone holder by sliding in the small piece through the slot on the base. So easy to put together and it adds a statement piece to my craft desk. I hope you love what I have created and I have added all the links down below for purchase.

I hope you have a fabulous crafty week! - Kimmy Murray


6" Flamingo Stencil :

Vintage Wood Phone Stand:

Matte white craft paint

Matte black craft paint

Rosey cheeks stamping ink

Picked raspberry stamping ink

Paper distressing tool



Nail art paint brushes

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